Monday, March 1, 2010


This is Ella and Tanya with Adeline the day we got home from the sweet!
Our neighbors will be moving in a couple of months and I'm oh so sad! Eric is in the Coast Guard so they are being transferred--a norm for them. This is our first time in a house and experiencing what it's like to be so close to your neighbors. We "borrow" eggs, milk, sugar, movies, air pumps, and and so much more from each other. Just a give and take. We do dinner together a lot and she can put together a feast on any given day! We had a ritual while I was pregnant. We pretty much had dinner together each Sunday. It was so great! We baby-sit for each other for a little while here are there, too. It's just become such a great friendship for us in such a unique season in our lives! We hope and pray we can have such great neighbors again! I told her last night over cupcakes after dinner:), I feel like we need to move too. SO hard to imagine being here without her next door.

It's all in God's hands and I trust him. He is going to bless them and show them his love like never before. I hope they see it!

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