Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just thought i'd write a little something since i haven't blogged on here yet (and it's been a while on my other blogs as well). i'm doing really well! loving my job, loving the church, and excited for the new ventures God has in store for us. not sure exactly how they'll look I'm just excited for the changes. i'm not nearly as busy right now as i was not too long ago. it feels really good, but i find myself thinking i need to accomplish in my time outside of work. i haven't finished college yet, but i feel like i'm not supposed to jump back in right now. that's a big trust thing for me. I am trusting God to give me the opportunity to finish at a later date. i definitely have peace about where we are, though, and I know God sees the big picture so I'm trying to follow him and not worry along the way.