Friday, September 19, 2008

It's been a month already? I kept waiting to post again until I could put up the pictures of our house....but, I still can't. I do not have them yet so hopefully soon! We are loving being in the house! We had a housewarming party that really blessed us! We got some fun decorating items for the house and a couple of gift cards. I have been working on getting things for our 2nd bathroom since we didn't have anything in there. Besides buying stuff for in there and the lawn accessories we needed we will have to get things slowly whenever we can to continue making it look like a home. We are just so thankful for the chance to be more hospitable. We are leading a Crown financial small group at our house that started last Sunday and we've been able to have friends over just to hang out. We love it!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight Jeremy's dad is staying the night and Ashley S. is going to hang out with us so I'm cooking for everyone. In the AM we are going to Gabe's pancake brakfast fundraiser at Applebee's, then off to clean a house, and then to our neighbor's party at 4:30. Then, church and the crown class at 5:30. Lots of fun...I'll probably want to do nothing one evening next week to make up for it.

Be back soon hopefully with pictures!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeremy and I are oficially homeowners. I will post pictures soon...I promise! We love the house! We feel so thankful that God has made it possible! It was through a program that my work is now starting that we were able to afford the home. They helped us with the down payment. So, today the non-profit organization that partners with the employers wanted to interview me on video to use for promotional videos they will be doing since I am one of 3 test candidates for the program. They had the whole front yard filled with a camera, lights, etc. I am sure that the neighbors are wondering what was going on. It was an interesting experience and fun, though! I actually enjoyed it even though it was so hot.

We painted last Saturday/Sunday and we are moving in this coming Saturday! We are SO excited!

This is my first time, but I thought I would give this a try. You can post your weekly menus each monday and it reminds you to plan and gives you a chance to see others menus. Just go to to see lots of other menus if you want to check it out.

Well, this week there is some fasting going on in my house and we are working on moving into our new house this week/weekend. So, the menu isn't too exciting, but I wanted to start nonetheless.

Breakfasts: organic brown rice cakes w/peanut butter(they are actually good and filling), vanilla yogurt, and cinnamon tea w/Stevia

Lunches: out to eat some, tuna fish w/crackers or wheat bread, egg salad on wheat bread, string cheese, veggies

Dinners: Homemade chili, grilled chicken, mexican night at small group...need more quick ideas for this busy week.

Well, that wasn't too exciting, but I'm hoping it will motivate me to start planning more!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

well, the time has come that we can try again soon to get pregnant. i am SO excited! it seems like it will be forever until we have a baby now because we were anticipating a january birth, but i know it will be in just the right timing! please pray for a healthy pregnancy when you think of us. i am preparing to trust the lord and not allow myself to worry that i will miscarry again. hopefully i can do that!

i just returned from Michigan on Sunday afternoon for Alicia's wedding! it was so wonderful because I was able to spend lots of time with her the few days before the wedding. we both couldn't believe it had been 2 years. thank goodness for seemed like not a day had passed since we had seen each other! she was a gorgeous bride and everything was perfect at the wedding! i can't imagine her wanting to change a thing! hopefully i can post pictures soon! it was fun getting to see old and new friends from teen mania too! i also loved getting to know her family so much more! it only made me feel closer to her! i love them a lot too now! i don't typically feel comfortable in new situations like that...i was staying at their house...and i often worry about imposing, but they made me feel welcome.

we are closing on a house on august 14th! so much is happening right now. we haven't even begun packing!! ahh!! we are excited! i am praying that the monthly payment turns out to be what we need it to be. please pray for favor for us as I am worried. gosh, it still feels like there is so much more i could update on, but i don't want to overload you! i'll be back soon:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I didn't ever update on here that I was pregnant. Last week I was 9 weeks and Jeremy and I were so excited and thankful to the Lord for the blessing! Last Tuesday I miscarried, though, and had to spend the night in the hospital, but recovered just fine. It was a very sad and scary experience. Shortly after it happened I was overwhelmed with peace, though. I am really grateful to the Lord for being so near and showing us his grace. Jeremy was devastated, but comforted by the Lord as well.

We hope that we can get pregnant again soon, but not sure when the Dr. will say it is okay. I will see him tomorrow morning for a follow up appt. to find all of that out.

thank you for your love and prayers!

Friday, May 16, 2008

okay, so i know i should keep up with blogging and i really would like to. just haven't done it yet. i have some more recent pictures at if you would like to see them. one day i'll start taking more and uploading them more.

jeremy and i have great news! i found out on tuesday night that i am pregnant! we are elated! honestly i'm amazed. i just did not know what to expect after jeremy having gone through the chemotherapy treatments. but, god is good and he took care of it all! so, we are starting a new season and we have such peace. i am truly thankful for his overwhelming peace. he is taking care of everything and i am not going to allow myself to worry about any of the details. god is good!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

just thought i'd write a little something since i haven't blogged on here yet (and it's been a while on my other blogs as well). i'm doing really well! loving my job, loving the church, and excited for the new ventures God has in store for us. not sure exactly how they'll look I'm just excited for the changes. i'm not nearly as busy right now as i was not too long ago. it feels really good, but i find myself thinking i need to accomplish in my time outside of work. i haven't finished college yet, but i feel like i'm not supposed to jump back in right now. that's a big trust thing for me. I am trusting God to give me the opportunity to finish at a later date. i definitely have peace about where we are, though, and I know God sees the big picture so I'm trying to follow him and not worry along the way.