Tuesday, March 2, 2010


my best friend from growing up and her husband and baby girl are coming this Saturday for 5 days. We are so excited! Jeremy has become great friends with her husband, too so it will be a great visit! I am hoping Jeremy can get ahead on his homework so he won't feel bogged down with school work while they are here! I have lots to get done before they come. I always feel overly ambitious about things I want to get done in the house before guests come. I should focus on the necessities and not worry about the other things if we don't have time to get them done. They are great friends and aren't going to be judging us anyway if every closet isn't organized. haha!

I wish I could see all my far away friends. I miss them so much, but vacation time and money stand in the way of the visits. There are many trips I'd like to take and I overwhelm my husband when I list them all:):) We will make our way through the list year by year, though, and then we'll start all over again since it will be time for another visit! Haha:)

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