Friday, September 19, 2008

It's been a month already? I kept waiting to post again until I could put up the pictures of our house....but, I still can't. I do not have them yet so hopefully soon! We are loving being in the house! We had a housewarming party that really blessed us! We got some fun decorating items for the house and a couple of gift cards. I have been working on getting things for our 2nd bathroom since we didn't have anything in there. Besides buying stuff for in there and the lawn accessories we needed we will have to get things slowly whenever we can to continue making it look like a home. We are just so thankful for the chance to be more hospitable. We are leading a Crown financial small group at our house that started last Sunday and we've been able to have friends over just to hang out. We love it!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Tonight Jeremy's dad is staying the night and Ashley S. is going to hang out with us so I'm cooking for everyone. In the AM we are going to Gabe's pancake brakfast fundraiser at Applebee's, then off to clean a house, and then to our neighbor's party at 4:30. Then, church and the crown class at 5:30. Lots of fun...I'll probably want to do nothing one evening next week to make up for it.

Be back soon hopefully with pictures!