Friday, March 12, 2010

growing up too fast...

Adeline is growing up way too fast! She is getting her top 2 teeth in now and she has started standing on her own. She pulls up to standing all the time the past couple days, she can move along the couch a few steps and yesterday she started letting go and standing on her own for a few seconds yesterday. I wonder how long it will be until she walks?! I just can't believe it! Why do they have to change so much this first year? It's such a precious time. I do love watching all of her new developments happen so quickly though. I guess I'll just have to keep having more babies to enjoy the baby stage:) HA! Not sure how many or how soon. Not this year least it's not in the plan! I would love for Jeremy to be done with school first, but we shall see.

We bought Adeline some Robeez shoes she can wear all the time now. They are so cute...I love them! I feel like I got a new pair of shoes! Shopping for a little girl is going to be so fun for years to come! It's great to have such soft and moldable shoes for her too that will be great now that she's on her feet so much more. I want to get more for different outfits although these will match most just not dresses. Okay enough about shoes! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is Pastor Ben and Shelly. I am sure they would appreciate me posting this picture:) This is them enjoying desserts from a wonderful bakery in New Orleans that they took us to. We didn't get a chance to get a picture of Jeremy and I too. Seeing this picture prompted me to want to write about them. They are such a sweet couple. They never cease to amaze me at how often they go out of their way to love on people. They have been there for Jeremy and I countless times. They have come to several big events in our lives when we would have totally understood if they didn't. They care and they show it. They inspire me to be the same way for others! They truly give of their time and it's always a blast when you're with them! I wanted to honor them today!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


my best friend from growing up and her husband and baby girl are coming this Saturday for 5 days. We are so excited! Jeremy has become great friends with her husband, too so it will be a great visit! I am hoping Jeremy can get ahead on his homework so he won't feel bogged down with school work while they are here! I have lots to get done before they come. I always feel overly ambitious about things I want to get done in the house before guests come. I should focus on the necessities and not worry about the other things if we don't have time to get them done. They are great friends and aren't going to be judging us anyway if every closet isn't organized. haha!

I wish I could see all my far away friends. I miss them so much, but vacation time and money stand in the way of the visits. There are many trips I'd like to take and I overwhelm my husband when I list them all:):) We will make our way through the list year by year, though, and then we'll start all over again since it will be time for another visit! Haha:)

Monday, March 1, 2010


This is Ella and Tanya with Adeline the day we got home from the sweet!
Our neighbors will be moving in a couple of months and I'm oh so sad! Eric is in the Coast Guard so they are being transferred--a norm for them. This is our first time in a house and experiencing what it's like to be so close to your neighbors. We "borrow" eggs, milk, sugar, movies, air pumps, and and so much more from each other. Just a give and take. We do dinner together a lot and she can put together a feast on any given day! We had a ritual while I was pregnant. We pretty much had dinner together each Sunday. It was so great! We baby-sit for each other for a little while here are there, too. It's just become such a great friendship for us in such a unique season in our lives! We hope and pray we can have such great neighbors again! I told her last night over cupcakes after dinner:), I feel like we need to move too. SO hard to imagine being here without her next door.

It's all in God's hands and I trust him. He is going to bless them and show them his love like never before. I hope they see it!