Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am about to embark on a new jouney. This week is my last week of working full-time. After that I will be working only 2 days a week. It's been 5 years since I have worked less than full-time. It's going to be such a new wonderful season! I am so thankful for the opportunities I've had at my work, but it's time to devote the majority of my time to homemaking and ministry! It just can't all be done when you're gone and tied up all day.

I am so looking forward to getting to spend much more time with ladies in our church, fun times with Adeline, Friday's off with Jeremy(a first!), and getting to take care of my house the way I would like. I will go back to meal planning that I have lost in this last year, regular more thorough cleaning and hopefully staying on top of the laundry more. Notice the word Hopefully:):) I would really like to focus on teaching Adeline more too. Just reading with her more, giving her a chance to play outside more often since she loves it so much!

All of this will be such a relief to Jeremy too! He is moving at a pretty fast pace these days and much of our time has been hurried and I'm not able to help him the way I would like. He is such a huge help to me but with his job and being in school full-time it can be exhuasting. I think it will really free him up to relax when he actually has moments free. I'm excited for that!

I thank God for this amazing opportunity!! It has come unexpectedly to me and I couldn't be more grateful!! Here's to a new season for our little family!