Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm back! I hope to be consistent this time around!

Today has been a great day! Working from home....and thinking about Adeline's dedication. Trying to plan a good restaurant to go to and I need to see if the dress Jeremy's Mom made for her will fit. If not, we may need to go shopping! Not sure where I'll find white dresses....and I'd like some pretty tights and booties and a bow of course to go with it!

I'm still recovering from being so sick last week. But, I'm much better and able to get everything done that I need to. I keep thinking,"How can I get my immune system stronger so I don't EVER get sick like that again?" Haha! I do want to be healthier, though! I'm always on a quest to find healthy things to cook and buy for us. But, I war with the overwhelming desires that come for dessert and yummy quick snacks too! Slowly but surely we make steps in the right direction. Even when we veer off the course, we don't get on a new course completely. We come back! That's good at least! :)

Well, bye for now!

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