Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sad that my mom can't be at adeline's birthday party!! why do I always get sad before events when I think about things like this...? I wish I could just be content about the way it will be. I just miss having my mom and any family near by. I wish so much I could meet my brother's baby girl and be there to celebrate with them too! Jeremy's Mom wont be there either. She'll be out of town. I'm overwhelmed when I think about throwing together a party without help. I'm having a great day, just needed to get that out:)


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, you are not alone. I know I feel the same way with events that my kids cannot be apart of. I know Lindsey deals with times were she wishes we were there for her.

I hope in the midst of your celebration that you can find you cup half full. It's taken me years to really deal with the distance, but I'm so thankful for my girls and what a blessed mom I am even if it's long distance.

Sending much love and a merry heart for your little ones special celebration.

Lacy said...

thank you miss ginger! reading your comment made me start crying knowing that you truly understand and feel the same way! i often handle it just fine since i'm such a practical person, but then it just hits me and I feel down. especially when there isn't hope of it changing!

i do truly feel blessed with all that God has given me too! guess what my Mom just got married to someone from your church? he's from Cadillac, MI and he just moved to WA with my Mom. It's all so new(I haven't met him yet), so that leaves me feeling ambivalent too about how different things will be. I'm so happy for her but adjusting to how it ill change all of the dynamics.

thanks for listening to all my emotions!! :)