Friday, May 16, 2008

okay, so i know i should keep up with blogging and i really would like to. just haven't done it yet. i have some more recent pictures at if you would like to see them. one day i'll start taking more and uploading them more.

jeremy and i have great news! i found out on tuesday night that i am pregnant! we are elated! honestly i'm amazed. i just did not know what to expect after jeremy having gone through the chemotherapy treatments. but, god is good and he took care of it all! so, we are starting a new season and we have such peace. i am truly thankful for his overwhelming peace. he is taking care of everything and i am not going to allow myself to worry about any of the details. god is good!



Deborah Granick said...

How exciting!

I am so happy for you! Having a baby is such a miricle and blessing from the Lord!

Have you been having much morning sickness? Ginger tea really helped me and eating small frequent meals throughout the day :)

Let me know if you have any questions regarding pregnancy or birth- its my passion :)



Coralyn said...

Wonderful news!

Deborah Granick said...

so awesome that you arent sick! I had it so bad with my first! Isnt being pregnant fun- its so exciting when you begin to feel the baby move around! I am so happy for you!

Erin told me you were going to be in here wedding in portland? I live in portland! Erin told me at my baby shower and I was like, hey I read her blog! Maybe I will see you there!

Have a blessed night!


Danielle said...

Hi Lacy!
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